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Wellness (mental, physical and spiritual) fitness training

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Let's discuss your short and long term goals, possible like/dislike of recreational/sport activities, health and any physical challenges, nutrition and mental preparation.

Aldric has always been fond of participating in sports and being active in wellness and fitness.

After being introduced to softball in junior high and playing at a high level at multiple positions, he decided to venture into football his first year of high school (that did not go as planned) although Aldric was aerobically and mentally fit, he did not possess the physical structure due to his thin (skinny) frame and gave up.

This motivated him to start lifting weights during P.E., after school, home and the Boys Club.  Fast forward to enlisting in the Air Force and his first assignment in Alaska, Aldric placed 1st in a weightlifting competition and Ping-Pong. Next base Nellis AFB, Las Vegas he placed third in the track & field (440) Police Olympics.  Next stop San Vito Italy, where he took his first real stab at semi-pro football. After getting a feel for hitting and being hit and finding the right position (still having a slender frame) but a touch more muscle, he was quite successful.

Over the years Aldric has placed 2nd or 3rd in ‘Mia Finnegan’s NPC West Coast Women’s & Men’s Fitness Jubilee, NPC Southern States Fitness Championships, California Senior Games Track & Field, and participated in the ‘Nautica Malibu Triathlon Classic Distance’ Road Bike Race.

Aldric has been a personal trainer since 1993, first starting out as hobby.  Once he became professionally engage in the craft, he has trained all age groups and fitness levels (high schoolers, college level athletes, recreational novices) general weight loss, muscle building, preparation for marathons and law enforcement academies.

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