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Risk Management - Security/Safety Services

A Veteran of the U.S. Air Force having served from 1976 -1983, managing law enforcement & security teams overseas and stateside locations for safety and protection of base populace, military hardware (aircraft, munitions and weapons) conducting training and evaluations for quality control. Continuing in the civilian and private sectors in executive & managerial roles for commercial, entertainment, financial, hospitality, healthcare, industrial and retail.

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Wellness Services

In 1993, Sweatup1 started as a hobby providing wellness and fitness instruction for friends and associates at UCLA. A few years later Sweatup1 went from a hobby to a business for personal and corporate staff, using mind, physical, and spiritual (MPS) principles, along with cardio, strength, and nutritional techniques ensuring quick and sustained results that could be applied to the protection field, ensuring physical and mental awareness. "Your Body Is God's Temple".

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